Bait Control

Use bait technology to rid your space of roaches! Bait control is an effective way to eradicate roaches while not disturbing your every day life.

How does it work?

Roaches consume a lethal dose of bait and return to their nest, where they transfer the poison to other roaches. Tests have shown that after bait consumption, 1 cockroach can cause the death of up to 44 other cockroaches. That's a lot!

Where do I put the bait traps?


  • Refrigerator - In the crevice between the refrigerator and a nearby item.
  • Sink - Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall.
  • Drawers - Alongside the far wall of the interior of the drawer.
  • Cupboards - Mounted against an upper corner.
  • Kitchen Appliance - Behind microwave, toaster, etc. Make sure to place it away from food to prevent contamination.


  • Toilet - Far corner of tank.
  • Shower - Behind pipe collar.
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Sink - Mounted against a corner or alongside pipe collar.