Flea and Roach Control

Let Fowler Pest Control assist you in keeping germ-carrying insects out of your home.
Many factors are involved when you deal with flea season, including local climate conditions, so you should be prepared whether you are at home or traveling with your cat or dog. Contact Fowler Pest Control to take care of your flea problem with a customized plan. Flea control is a three-step process, which includes your home, lawn, and pet.

Before Treatment

1. Take your pet to the vet to be treated. To help avoid re-infestation, don't let pets back into your home or yard until they have been treated.

Vacuum carpets, floors, rugs, drapes, furniture, and cushions, and dispose or wash all pet bedding. Remove all toys, pillows, and decorative items off the floor so that the floor can be treated. Cover all food and food preparation surfaces and utensils. Make arrangements for everyone, including pets, to remain out of the home and off the yard for approximately four hours after treatment to allow for the area to completely dry.

After Treatment

  1. All animals and occupants should stay off treated surfaces until they are dry.
  2. Vacuum carpets every day for 10 days and remove the vacuum bags outside and dispose properly.
  3. Wash food preparation surfaces and utensils that might have come in contact with the insecticide.
  4. Do not allow flea-infested pets in your home. This may cause a re-infestation and necessitate re-treatment.