Termite Damage and Restoration

Termites in Southern California

There are 5 main species of destructive termites in So Cal today that can cost you thousands of dollars in damage if not treated early.
1. Western Subterranean Termites - These kinds of termites are highly destructive insects that are commonly found in building timbers that leave structural damage to your home from the inside out. They are a serious problem in California, resulting in millions of dollars in damages every year. It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 homes has been or will be attacked by these types of termites.

2. Desert Subterranean Termites - These termites are found mostly in arid clients. They live in desert plants and migrate to wood in buildings and homes.

3. Dry Wood Termites - These termites account for most of the dry wood damage to structures in Southern California. They are typically transported through furniture, firewood, and wood items. They live in a wood that contains moisture.

4. Pacific Damp Wood Termites - These termites are common in the cooler, more humid coastal climates of Southern California. They live in wood structures built close to water.

Do you think you could have a termite infestation? Or are you suffering from the after effects a termite infestation? Fowler Pest Control specializes in ridding your space of termites as well restoring structures these destructive pests have destroyed. Call our team today.